Support for Veterans

To know me, is to know how I feel about taking care of our Nations Military Veterans, and their Spouses! Unfortunately there is a lack of understanding as to the commitment and the sacrifice required of our Nations Military. Especially of the Spouses left to take care of the home front while their wife or husband is deployed. Being a Veteran of the USMC myself, I fully understand this commitment and sacrifice. I’m an Advocate of our Veterans, their families, and home Ownership. I want to make sure if your family needs a home…I’m here to make that happen…period!

Have no idea where to start? Give me a call and I can walk you through the entire process. Buying a new home should be fun and exciting. My goal is to find you and your family the right home for your situation!

Check out the “Blog” section of my website. I have included posts about VA loan programs, requirements, eligibility, and other items of helpful information.