Families in Transition

What is a Real Estate Divorce Specialist?

As you know, Divorcing Couples need all the help they can get!!! During these difficult times, divorces are on the rise and divorcing couples are looking for the best professionals to help them navigate their divorce.

I am a Real Estate Divorce Specialist trained in specific financial and tax issues that affect divorcing couples and real estate is involved in over 70% of all divorces.

There are specific tax laws regarding the sale of a house in divorce that are not well known. Even some Divorce Attorney’s often do not know these tax laws. And the laws are structured to help save divorcing couples thousands of dollars if they are selling their house…this money is helpful in starting their new lives!

For Instance, a spouse who moved out of the family home as long as 6 years ago can still take a $250,000 exclusion when the house is sold, even though the spouse who stayed in the house also took a $250,000 exclusion? This information might be helpful in deciding on how all assets are to be divided including retirement accounts.

According to the US Census Bureau Divorce is the second most stressful life event…I’m committed to helping my clients not to just survive their divorce…but to THRIVE!